Our Team

Devin Hamon – Experience Extraordinaire

Devin shapes our patron experience by hosting the concession stand, maintaining the lobby’s appearance, and training quality volunteers, all while ensuring outstanding customer service. He is responsible for the smooth operation of the house (typically both the lobby and audience seating area) during the run of the show. He welcomes the public to the theatre and oversees their safety and well-being before, during, and immediately after the show.

Evan Ksander – Techno Wizard

Evan is a Walsenburg native with a deep love for technology. He was homeschooled from a young age, which gave him plenty of time to develop a love for video games. Despite his love for games, his parents didn’t own any gaming-level hardware, so Evan built his own computer. Numerous RAM sticks and graphics cards later, it was clear that engineering was the primary path for Evan. He joined the FTW in 2016, managing the stage and projection booth. He enjoys playing games, as well as playing music, DIY crafting, and, most of all, using technology to create exciting and emotional experiences.

Jen Martin – Volunteer Maestro

Jen isn’t from Colorado but has been coming here all her life so it feels like home. Coordinating volunteers suites Jen because of her organization and people skills. She is looking forward to meeting more of our community as more people get involved at the Fox.

Many, Many, Many Volunteers

We urge you to be part of the effort to celebrate our vibrant arts & cultural scene in historic downtown Walsenburg by volunteering at the Fox Theatre Walsenburg.

Mike Peters – The Ringmaster

Mike is an Air Force brat (born in Fussa, Japan), a Colorado transplant from nowhere in particular, but if he had to pick a recent location, he would tell ya’ Austin, TX. Mike’s background is in web development, but after hitting the corporate wall, he escaped to program development for a disability sports group in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Developing programs, recruiting staff or volunteers, and building partnerships are what he’s been focused on in the last ten years. Mike is an advocate for youth development and believes arts & culture will hinder the brain drain in Huerfano County.

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