CU Denver Design Ideas

In September 2018 Huerfano County signed a contract with the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and CU Denver School of Architecture & Planning to revitalize and re-imagine our historic Fox Theatre. The Fox Theatre and Huerfano County have worked with students and staff from CU Denver since then to develop the project. We’ve answered many questions about how we currently use our space but more importantly, how would we like to use the space.

In the five years the Spanish Peaks Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3), has been operating the theatre, we have hosted weddings, celebrations of life, video game birthday parties, comedians, live music, a pet comedy theatrical show, craft/makers market, HOA meetings, community/public meetings, MLS meetings, business lectures and of course a wide range of blockbuster and cult classic movies.

As you can imagine, these various events require a flexible space. We need to be able to accommodate a wide range of activities with varied needs from assigned seating to dance floor space to tables and chairs for workshops or comedy clubs. At the same time, as the largest indoor meeting space in the county, we need to be available to host large public meetings.

Our operations are in the black. A mix of volunteer staff and three paid contractors proudly run the theatre. Our volunteers account for 3000+ hours a year (worth $28.02 per hour in 2018) of hard work to ensure we’re up and running week after week.

Our goals for this design process:

  • Expand Program Space
    • Second Smaller Stage
    • Second Cinema
    • Banquet Space
  • Streamline ticket/concession Space
  • Accessibility (restrooms, elevator to balcony)
  • Monetize All Space

June 26th, 2019 was the first time we publicly presented the following design ideas. Your input is crucial to this on-going process. We need your help to spread the word and encourage the community to engage with this project.

Included below are the design schemes: building layouts and still pictures. We have also included the “Scope of Work” document and the PDF version of the presentation we made on 6/26/19.

In the presentation, videos, and images, below focus on these questions:

  • What programs would you like to see? How should we use the theatre?
  • What kind of space helps facilitate those program ideas?
  • What is your big dream for this community resource?

The flooring, paint colors, materials, and other finishes are temporary examples. No decisions have been made on how the theatre should look (retro, modern, chic, etc).

The software used to develop these videos and still images is state of the art. Students are limited by the library of objects that are available to them. Often times, “vintage” models are not included in the free object library. Again, the materials shown are not what we have decided to use. No materials have been chosen.

Focus on the LAYOUT of the designs.

Our next step is to collect survey answers from you to determine which design is best.

An email will be our most direct way to contact you. If you would like a text, let us know. Our number is (719) 695-2199.

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Watch the Presentation

Floor Plan Ideas

Concept A

Utilizes the current building of the Fox Theatre.

Significant changes and additions include a second, smaller cinema upstairs with a small concession booth, a band shell accessible from the lobby, balcony catwalk seating, and an expanded concessions booth.

Concept B

Utilizes the current building of The Fox Theatre.

Significant changes and additions include a stage/cafe inside the downstairs auditorium, secondary cinema upstairs, a ramp to the stage, upstairs concession/merch area, and an expanded concession bar/cafe in the lobby.

Concept C, Phase 1

Utilizes the vacant lot to the south of the Fox, as well as the current building itself.

Significant changes and additions include a second cinema upstairs, a rooftop lounge, stadium seating, a secondary mini-stage in the lobby, a Garden Theatre (below), and an ample upstairs VIP lounge/event space.

Concept C, Phase 2

Utilizes the empty lot to the south of the Fox for new construction, as well as the current building.

Garden Theatre, Concept 1

Garden Theatre, Concept 2

Our next step is to collect survey answers from you to determine which design is best.