Chris Fonseca – NOV 10

When I told my first joke on stage at The Masarri Center on the TSJC campus, in 1984, I had no idea this would end up my livelihood.

A few weeks before that our dorm mother, Helen Armijo, had let a few of us watch Carlin at Carnegie in her apartment.

I thought to myself, “I can do that, but I want to do it as well as he does it.’

While I’ll let the audience decide if I’m anywhere near as good as George, I’ve certainly had an amazing career thus far.

I can call him George because through our mutual publicist, Glenn Schwartz; we became friends.

Carlin said my 1st CD, “Not Tonight, I Have Cerebral Palsy,” had the best title to an album ever.

Quite a compliment for a kid born with CP, who grew up in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Now, in 2017, I find myself riding another wave of success.

On Friday, November 10, I get to play the Fox Theatre Walsenb with 2 of my closest friends opening for me.

I’ve been blessed with appearances on Letterman, HBO, Showtime and even Baywatch.

Legendary venues such as the Kennedy Center, Red Rocks and of course The good ‘ole Massari have been host to my verbal Tomfoolery.

I’ve shared the stage with icons such as Stevie Wonder, Wille Nelson, and Robin Williams to name a few.

My favorite country star, Texas’ Pat Green is a good buddy, as are the members of KISS.

Yes, that KISS.

I talk about all this and more in my show.

Vincent Vigil, my best friend, spent some of his childhood in Walsenburg.

He is a fantastic comic, with an uncanny knack for making talking to the crowd appear seamless, while weaving in prepared material.

His T-shirt that exclaims, “The Right Kind of Crazy,” explains our friendship and the cool adventures we have shared.

Our host will be Adriana Homes from Pueblo.

With five kids, I don’t know how she finds time to be so funny.

Oh, wait, yes I do duct tape holds the varmints in place until Mom gets home.

No duct tape was hurt in the writing of that joke.

In the last month, I’ve performed with Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees, Gilbert Gottfried and hung out with Jay Leno.


Join us for the start of our theatre tour.

Selling out would be just another dream come true!

Keep Laughing,

Chris “Crazy Legs” Fonseca