August 26: Last Call Romance · Heritage Park in Walsenburg

Last Call Romance delivers an original blend of Rockabilly-Swing from Northern Colorado.
Jocelyn Rockhold of Ultra5280 described them as “the swingiest, most energetic group of the night. While our stay was brief, the impression left by the group lasted much longer. Despite everyone’s aching feet from an already long day, Last Call Romance had just the right amount of spirit to get everyone dancing. Last Call Romance’s complete comfortableness with each other lends itself to an environment that encourages the crowd to be wholly engaged.”
Their songs are described as having “a vintage feel to it all, without a distinct era to connect it to.” -Blue Suede News Magazine.

The band strives for an old-fashioned vibe that evokes a time when a catchy, energetic sound was heard on a car radio or at the dance hall. Tabitha Hernandez, of the described their performance as, “A sound straight from days past… this band sang original hits and had the audience cutting a rug; the masses bee-bopped and jived away to the beats.”

Chris Winters -(song writer, lead vocals and rhythm guitar)
Emily Winters -(song writer, lead vocals)
Lance Romance -(Upright Bass)
Mad Dog -(Drums)
Norton Ewart -(Drums)
Tony Bertke – (Saxophone)
Ian Morrison -(Lead Guitar)