We are raising funds for our mobile, outdoor movie setup! During COVID, we accepted a loan from the Small Business Administration to purchase the equipment. Monthly payments begin soon! Help us pay off this program so we can worry about programming and not the bills!

The owners of the Spanish Peaks Music Festival is retiring from the festival business and decided to DONATE the festival (brand, assets) to us!

We are not hosting the festival in 2021 but plans are already underway for 2022!

We are seeking candidates for our festival committee! If you are interested, please submit a volunteer application.

We worked really hard over the past year to raise a lil’ over $400,000.00 for phase one of our state of good repairs project. The funds were raised from major contributions by foundations and state agencies. Raisin’ money is tough! We’re ready to celebrate and have fun now that the paperwork is mostly done.

Sunday Bun Day! The hotdog cart is set up under the marquee, so swing by for a quick snack.

We’re making popcorn too! 11-3 on Sundays!

Proceeds go towards our Take-a-Seat campaign, which we’ll use to BUY NEW SEATS!